Winter is here and it's time for warm, savory soups and stews...
It's the combination of savory and sweet that make this recipe one of my favorites.
George Orwell predicted "Newspeak", but it was Right-Wing politicians, conservative cable news hosts and social media which gave it life ...
Something spicy and savory to keep in your fridge
Brand name investors threw money at Sam Bankman-Fried without even looking at the balance sheet
Thanksgiving is upon us and both Bob and I are not much for sentimentality these days, what with the United States verging on failed state status, so…
Musk's success was based on building on and improving industries with proven business models. But, Twitter is a media company...

October 2022

In his attempt to finagle his way out of buying Twitter, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX has shown little business savvy.

May 2021

Summer is upon us and there's nothing I enjoy more than a fresh, seafood stew out on the deck with either a chilled Prosecco or a Rosé...

April 2021

Preparing Chinese food is all about two things: prepping the meat and vegetables and mastering the use of sauces, oils, and vinegar.

March 2021

Both Piers Morgan and Tucker Carlson's vindictive behavior are a master class in straight white fright.
Or it might have been ITV. Whatever, some childhood inspirations are forever*